• HyperMenu

    Introducing my latest project: HyperMenu, a JSON based format to describe interlinked menu structures.
  • Generate iOS App Icons from SVG Files

    When submitting an app to the iOS App Store, Apple requires you to provide custom app icons for all kind of ever changing device classes. I wrote a small script to generate them all a single SVG file.

  • Adding an Nginx Reverse Proxy to a Live Server

    I host a few small projects using PHP and Apache which I run on a single cheap virtual server. That setup served me well over the years, until I wrote something in Node.js.

  • LZ4 Decompression in Pure PHP

    For a PHP project I am working on, I need to access some data compressed using LZ4. Since I couldn’t find the code I was looking for online, I decided to write my own. The result is just around 30 lines of code.

  • DeltaPatch: Minimalistic JSON Patches

    While developing a web app some time ago, I needed a way to send incremental data store updates to the clients. The DeltaPatch format is my solution to that problem. It is simple, lightweight and human readable. It does not support null, but all other data types supported by JSON.

  • JSON Compression

    I few months ago, I ran out of space on the server I use to collect data for the HeapCraft project. This led me to look into data compression. But the thing about exploring lossless compression is that you might just end up with the same data you started with.

  • Web Workers for Responsive Web Apps

    Meet workerQueue.js, a queue based web worker API to simplify multithreading in JavaScript.

  • Automatic Word Wrapping for LongCamelCaseWords

    Responsive design and Objective-C blogs don’t mix well. The convention of using long descriptive names can easily break layouts on smaller devices. I fixed the problem by creating a JavaScript function to wrap long CamelCase words automatically.

  • SJMComposedTableViewController

    Interface Builder makes it very easy to create static table views for things like settings screens. With SJMComposedTableViewController I try to simplify the creation of tables programmatically, without the drawbacks of using storyboards.

  • Clean SQL in PHP made easy

    Over the years I have written many PHP applications that require SQL databases of some sort. I often reused my code, and developed some handy helpers over time. My current go-to solution reduces my development times massively and I want to share it with the world.

  • HTML Form Compiler

    In 2007, I created an event registration web application for my student association in PHP. It included a custom markup language to create HTML forms. Since that component turned out to be highly reusable, I’m going to publish an improved version thereof.

  • Convenient NSLayoutConstraint Creation

    Setting up auto layout programmatically tends to be a rather unpleasant chore. I tried to change that by creating a UIView category for convenient NSLayoutConstraint creation using a simple format language.

  • A Simple Helper Function to get Default Values in PHP

    Going back to PHP after a recent Python project, I was bothered by it’s handling of undefined keys in dictionaries. A quick google search revealed that I was not the only one. Since I didn’t like any of the existing workarounds, I decided to create my own solution.

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